Checklist The Competition Legal/Practical Issues


Key Dates

When does the promotion:





When will the winner be notified? 




When/how will the winner(s) receive prize(s)?


Win a pair of shoes for you and a friend



1st December 2017


23rd December 2017


24th December 2017





The winner will be notified by Instagram in the comments and via direct message and must respond within 7 days


The winner will need to provide their shoe size and their friends shoe size and a delivery address


Notification general position: 

“An independent adjudicator will select the winner from all correctly completed and submitted entry forms on or around [DATE] and the Promoters will notify the winner within 21 days of the draw by email or telephone. If the winner fails to confirm acceptance of the prize within 7 days of notification or cannot make use of the prize for any reason, the Promoters reserve the rights to select an alternative winner.”


Any changes needed to this?



How to enter the competition? (+Conditions and costs) 














To enter the competition, you must follow @RockportUk, comment with what brings you Joy over Christmas and tag a friend.


The tagged friend must also be following @rockportUK to win.


You can enter more than once


If entry into the competition is conditional upon purchasing a product, either a qualifying question (multiple choice will suffice) or an alternative free route of entry (e.g. apply for free online at is necessary to avoid it being deemed an “illegal lottery” under UK legislation. 
The PrizeA clear description of the prize and the number of prizes.




The prize is a pair of shoes for the winner and a pair of shoes for the tagged friend.


Subject to stock availability.



Note: Prize for only 1 tagged friend – not multiple friends








Consider the practicalities of transporting the winners to the event. Important factors to consider here are the timing of the event and also the age of the winners. 

If the event begins early in the morning, winner(s) may need to be transported to the event the evening before and accommodation may need to be provided.


If the winner is a child or a group of children, extra places must be provided for accompanying adults and school days must be avoided.











UK residents only?



+18 only?



Limited number of entries?



Yes UK only








Note: No employees or family of Rockport and Office are eligible

If the prize can only be claimed by those 18 years and older, the competition should not be open to anyone under the age of 18 

e.g. VLM competitions


Consider travel and accommodation issues if opening the competition up to non-UK residents.


Criteria for judging entriesRandom from all correctly answered and submitted Random from all entries All entrants must be judged on the same criteria.
Intention to use winners in post event publicity? No Where the winner is allowed to invite guests, if we wish to use the guests in post event publicity or promotional material, the guests must provide their consent. 

A consent form can be produced for this.